Featured Brand: The Wonder Seed


When we think about “high-end hemp,” The Wonder Seed is always one of the first names in the discussion. With their elegant packaging and contemporary scents, they’re a brand we think will make the big leap as a national leader in the hemp industry.

The first time we tried their Spring Lavender Hemp Cream, it was a revelation. We’re always bummed when we get something to test and it leaves our hands the dreaded G-word: greasy. Of course, The Wonder Seed’s formula is smooth and luscious without leaving your hands feeling like you were wrestling a stick of butter. You can’t help but smell it and feel refreshed.

For the month of June, we’ll be featuring all the great products from The Wonder Seed. Thanks for supporting us by supporting them.

Check out The Wonder Seed line!


Mommy Greenest Mommy Greenest Approved – 2014

EcoSalon EcoSalon Approved – 2013

Natural Health Best Hand Cream – 2009

Natural Solutions Best Facial Moisturizer – 2009

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