Featured Brand: Hemp & Honey Plus


Our featured products this month came from Hemp & Honey Plus, a new brand out of Ohio. We chose Hh+ because they share similar beliefs on hemp consumer products driving the industry in the right direction.

Their thick and luscious body cream arrived at the perfect time as Colorado’s climate is quickly changing from Summer into Winter. Fall comes and goes pretty quickly around here and most of us start experiencing extremely dry skin as the temperatures drop. This Vanilla and Matcha Green Tea scented cream has kept my hands from cracking or drying out as they usually do this time of year.

I always love a good lip balm as well. We see a lot of mint flavored chapsticks come through here, and so I was glad to a Pomegranate flavor. If you enjoyed the lotion and lip balm, let us recommend their bar soap for your next purchase.soap

Hemp & Honey Plus has been generous enough to offer our readers a 10% discount on new orders. Please help give them feedback on their products by completing a quick SURVEY.

Also, check out this review on The Cannabist. Everyone is loving Hemp & Honey Plus!


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by Samantha

Samantha is a co-founder of HempBox and an expert in hemp consumer goods.

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