HempBox Radio Week in Review: October 25-31



Welcome to Episode two of HempBox Radio’s week in review, covering October 25th through the 31st. Thanks to everyone who tuned in last week for our debut and sent in stories. Before we get to this week’s news, we are now available in the iTunes store! Subscribe to the podcast and you’ll always have the latest show waiting for you.

Now, here’s what’s hempining:

With the midterm elections less than a week away, the biggest hemp initiative in the United States has its fate tied to marijuana legalization. In Oregon Measure 91 would broadly legalize all forms of cannabis, including industrial hemp, statewide. While this was ultimately how hemp came to find its legal status in Colorado, there’s always the fear that people will throw the baby out with the bathwater if they don’t support legalization marijuana. Regardless, we’d urge all Oregon residents to vote Yes on 91.

Congratulations to Robert Lestak of Wholly Hemp for the opening of their first production facility. Wholly Hemp continues to make headlines by using unconventional methods of online promotion. This week, pictures of his factory made the front page of Reddit, a site that boasts 115 million unique visitors a month. Shortly after posting, an editor for Men’s Health reached out to him for information about the product. Last week, Wholly Hemp made news for accepting BitCoin, the online crypto-currency. Hemp is always an interesting story, so it’s great to see Lestak getting positive press.

Recreator, the California based hemp apparel company, has just re-launched their e-commerce site. Their March Kickstarter raised $46,000, exceeding their goal of $25,000, T-shirts, sticker packs, and hemp wicks are all available at recreator.org.

Looking for a Kickstarter to support? Until November 6th, you can still back Hempeh, HEMPEH, a Hemp Fortified Soy-Free Tempeh. They’ve already raised over $14,000, but need to hit their goal of 20K. Contributions start at $1 and perks include coolers, stickers, t-shirts, and of course…. hempeh.

For more information visit smilingharatempeh.com.

In what gives news, Tony Brannon, dean of the Hutson School of Agriculture at Murray State University, took an unnessary shot at Hemp this week when he said “It’s an ugly plant. It’s just not a pretty plant in maturity.” Come on, Brannon! That’s a low blow! He did manage to mention that plants grew heartily and reached 12 feet at the highest. We here at HempBox Radio think hemp is beautiful just the way it is, Brannon.

And our quote of the week comes from republican Sen. Frank Niceley, of Tennesee in a lecture sponsored by the Young Americans for Liberty.
“Pot and hemp are cousins,” Niceley said. “Corn bread and corn liquor are cousins. Everybody’s got a cousin they aren’t proud of.”

I have to say, Frank, I’ve never heard it put that way. And I’m sorry you don’t like your cousin.

That’s it for HempBox Radio’s Week in Review. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a rating if you liked the show. Also visit us at HempBox.com/Radio for all of our shows, including Hemp Hangouts with Sam. We’ll see you next week!

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