HempBox Radio Week in Review: November 1-7


Our top stories come from HEMP Inc, Smiling Hara Tempeh, Hempgnosis, Doug Fine, American Seed & Oil Company, Humbolt Hempfest, Ngaio Bealum, The Hemp Industries Association, Vote Hemp, HempStrong, and Hemp & Honey Plus.

Featured video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0K5YxUl22I



Hey everybody! Welcome back to episode three of Hemp Hangouts: Week in Review, covering the top news in hemp for the week of Monday, November 3rd. To find all of our shows, including Hemp Hangouts, visit us online at HempBox.com/radio or subscribe on iTunes.

Now on to our top stories:

Our biggest post-election news comes out of Oregon, where voters approved a cannabis legalization measure by 54 percent. This opens the door for Oregon farmers to cultivate industrial hemp, which was lost in some of the coverage about broader legalization. While the licensing process has yet to be fleshed out, it’s an exciting time in the northwest. It’s a great time for Oregon. Congrats!

Investors in Hemp Inc were in for a rude awakening as the stock crashed 21.45% on November 6th, possibly in reaction to the overwhelming success Republicans enjoyed at the polls. HotStocked.com reports that almost 50million shares changed hands. HEMP Inc was also the feature of a recent study by Project CBD entitled “Weeding out hemp oil hustlers” that painted the company in a negative light.

Starting November 3rd, applications are now open for hemp farmers in Missouri, only there’s one big catch: they’re looking for CBD rich hemp strains. Part of a compassionate bill to help families who need the medical benefits of cannabidiol, two licenses will be granted to non-profit companies who can grow and create extracts from the plants. With a 30 day window, the rush is on. Patients can also apply for a hemp extraction card.

A CBD-rich hemp farm in Kentucky worries that most of the families that need CBD oil may have already moved to Colorado. Sherriff Denny Peyman notes that families “are out there, living in a strange environment, sleeping on the floor, having to relocate just to have the medicine that they could have right here,”

Jennifer Harrell, who’s daughter Jolie suffers from infantile spasms, can’t move, however, and is stuck waiting for the extractions. She notes that the medications doctors are currently prescribing have side effects that include permanent blindness or skin falling off the body.

There are still concerns as physicians still have to prescribe the CBD-oil.

Smiling Hara Tempeh succeeded their Kickstarter goal of $20,000 with a final count of $25,035 to launch their new line of hemp based tempeh. It’s the first EVER soy-free tempeh made with hemp from a working veteran farm in Kentucky. It’s also a vegan and gluten-free product, so it’s great for you! They estimate that backers will receive their first orders in January. Congratulations to everyone at Smiling Hara!

Our video of the week comes from Tony Budden of Hemporium South Africa, with a presentation made to the Western Cape Provincial Standing Committee on Human Settlements. To watch the video in it’s entirety, which mainly focuses on hemp for construction, visit us at HempBox.com/radio and click on the episode page.

Live in the New York area? Don’t miss Hempgnosis at Paul Smith’s college the 10th through the 14th. Hosted by Lydia Barnes, the four day event includes documentary screenings and talks from American Seed & Oil Company and Doug Fine. For more details, check out our Facebook page for the link.

For our listeners in Northern California, make sure to check out Humbolt Hempfest, headlined by oonguyo bealum, stand-up comedian and ardent supporter of all things cannabis. The three-day event starts on November 14th with their kick-off party, then continues Saturday with music, food, and vendors, and wraps up Sunday with the Hemp Fest Forum. Admission is $15. For more information, visit mateel.org.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture will hold a public hearing on Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. in Nashville to gather input on the permitting and regulation of industrial hemp.If you live in Tennessee, this is a “don’t miss” event. Make sure your voice is heard.

Mark your calendars! The Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp have announced that July 1st through 7th of 2015 will mark the 6th Annual Hemp History Week. Visit TheHia.org for information about how to get involved and throw an event where you live.

While many of our listeners know the benefits of hemp, Health.com ran a feature piece this week touting the fatty acids, protein, and fiber benefits of eating hemp seed and hemp seed oil. Big news stories like this only help to educate the public, as it’s also being republished on ABCnews.com. If you see the link, share it!

And in hot reads of the week, Scott Sondles and Michael Bumgarner, founders of HempStrong, have a great interview available on TheCannabist.co this week. they talk about the demand for American-made hemp products, engaging farmers about industrial hemp, and their line of Hemp & Honey Plus body products. They’ll also be attending Denver’s Indo Expo November 15th and 16th.

That’s it for this HempBox Radio Week in Review. Don’t forget to check out hempbox.com/radio for our latest Hemp Hangouts with Zev Paiss of the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association, and check out our special holiday hempbox, curated specially for men. We’ll see you next week!

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