Featured Brand: Black Label Soap Company


The HempBox team searches far and wide for products to share with our members. This month, we found a handcrafted soap out of California from Black Label Soap Company. With the release of our HempBox for Men, we thought featuring Black Label’s strong scented soap bars would be a great foray into the manly world of hemp!

Black Label was born out of Soap Cafe, a company founded by Tonya Harper in 2002. The Soap Cafe creatively fashions the soap bars to look like the scent they’re infused with. Your gingerbread scented soap looks like an actual gingerbread cookie! Check out the Soap Cafe for more holiday treats.

Black Label Soap: Open Water and WoodsmenTonya’s husband was such a fan of the products at Soap Cafe that the duo decided to branch out into a men’s line of soaps and the Black Label Soap Company was formed. Their customers asked for hemp seed oil products and they delivered. Offered in Open Water and Woodsmen scents, both remind me of a warm hug from your hunny after he’s put on his favorite deodorant. These bars are also vegan friendly!

For the packaging, Tonya explained to us that she wanted to express the active lifestyle of their customers. She enlisted the help of a professional photographer to create this effect. The Woodsmen bar depicts actual tree bark while the Open Water features a sparkling Pacific Ocean wave.

As an added bonus this month, Black Label Soap Co. is offering 25% off your order if you take a photograph of your active lifestyle and tag @blacklabelsoap and @thehempbox on Instagram or Facebook.

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by Samantha

Samantha is a co-founder of HempBox and an expert in hemp consumer goods.

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