Featured Product: Chocolatl Empower Bar


The end of the year is filled with holiday parties, family feasts and over indulgences. We wanted to ensure your December HempBox covered all of the bases for this hectic month.

For a glowing complexion we included a Hemp Almond Facial cleanser from The Scented Desert Apothecary coupled with a hemp facial pouf from Juniper Seed Mercantile. The bath bomb from The Bartlett Soap Company will leave your skin silky smooth and super moisturized to save you from the blustery cold. The granola bar from Nature’s Path will help you get through those long days leading up to late night holiday parties.

Finally, our featured product from Flow Foods Chocolatl, the Empower Bar. This adorably boxed treat is packed with hemp protein powder AND hemp seeds – talk about a healthy indulgence!

The founder of Chocolatl, Deanna Moore focuses on real whole foods when creating her deliciously healthy treats. Deanna’s superfood cacao-based chocolates are inspired by ancient medicinal recipes for healing and ceremonial uses found in Mesoamerican cultures. “Chocolatl” actually translates to, “Food of the Gods”. So not only do you get the healthful benefits of hemp, but you’re also getting antioxidants and magnesium from the raw cacao!

In addition to the Empower Bar, Chocolatl offers six other flavors as well as a decadent chocolate sauce and two kinds of tea. So when your sweet tooth starts acting up, reach for these power packed chocolate bars to boost your energy and satisfy your craving!

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by Team HempBox

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