The January Jiggles

Many of you saw our post about the January HempBox being a little over-stuffed, thanks to a hefty holiday. We also joked about working off your “January jiggle” with healthy hemp foods like the Immortal Bites from Transformation Thrive and the nifty mini-shot from Ultra-Shake.

As I’m sure you all agree, the holidays always leave you with a few pesky pounds. Lucky for us, 2015 has gotten off to a running start. I’m literally jogging-off the jiggle. With the new year taking us in so many wonderful new directions, I was glad to have the mini-Ultra-Shake to keep me going.

Ultra-Shake has a great concept for smoothie lovers that are limited on time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kale-blueberry-banana-lemon-aloe-hemp seed oil smoothies in the morning. But it can be a real pain to put all of that together when you need to run out the door to ship HempBoxes!

That’s why I love these superfood on-the-go shakes. They work with whole organic ingredients and freeze dry them to lock in the nutrients and maintain vitamins. You simply add cold water, give it a good shake and GO!

Ultra-Shake was kind enough to offer our member a week’s supply of shakes for FREE! Make sure to check your HempBox for that special coupon so you can keep jogging off those January jiggles!

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by Samantha

Samantha is a co-founder of HempBox and an expert in hemp consumer goods.

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